Property Extensions in Worthing | Covering Every Aspect of Design and Building Work

Loftworks LKJ Ltd provides complete services that cover every aspect of design and building work. With 48 years of experience in the construction industry, our team even covers elements you may not have thought of, ensuring you get cohesive, reliable services that prevent unexpected delays and issues. When planning garage or loft conversions, property extensions and renovations, it is essential to consider all aspects of work. Failure to do so results in problems such as extra costs, longer projects and potential legal issues. Luckily, the builders and roofers at Loftworks LKJ Ltd never overlook even minor details of garage conversions, home renovations and other projects in Worthing and the surrounding areas.

The following are some of the key points we take into account that customers may otherwise miss until it’s too late:


Although it is one of the most important aspects of building projects, many homeowners fail to properly consider their budget. However, working out how much you can afford ensures you don’t overspend and that the money you have goes where you need it.

At the start of every project, we work with customers in Worthing to determine realistic budgets and plan work accordingly. In this way, we make sure we can complete loft conversions, extensions and other projects without having to stop midway due to lack of funds. It also ensures you allocate enough money to each necessary trade, such as builders, roofers and plumbers.


Another factor you may not consider in the excitement of planning building work is the timeframe for your project. It is important to think about the disruption work will cause to your home in Worthing and how long you are willing to put up with it.

For example, property extensions are ideal for creating a lot of extra space, but they take longer than loft and garage conversions, and are more disruptive. If you want to minimise the timeframe of construction, loft conversions are the most efficient way to extend living space. Furthermore, if you are planning on moving out during home renovations or other building work, think about where you will stay and for how long this is feasible.

As experienced contractors and roofers, we accurately estimate timeframes at the start of your project and offer expert advice to help you choose the best options for your needs.


Building work will often affect your Worthing neighbours in some way and it is essential to consider the impact your project may have. For example, loft and garage conversions as well as property extensions may affect the party wall or boundary. In these cases, there are steps you need to take to inform your neighbours and resolve any disputes.

It is also essential to factor neighbouring properties into designs, otherwise you risk issues such as overshadowing and overlooking surrounding gardens. Having been designing and constructing extensions, conversions and home renovations for many years, our builders and roofers advise on legal rights, requirements and regulations regarding neighbouring buildings, including the Party Wall Act.

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