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The Best Time of Year for Building Work

If you’re thinking about having a domestic builder work on your home in Hove or any of the areas we cover, you may be wondering when you should schedule it. This is a common question homeowners ask, and it is an important one. Depending on the type of work, you may wish to plan your project for a certain time of year. For example, if loft conversions or property extensions will significantly expose your home, you may wish to carry out work in the summer. However, winter is a much quieter time for home renovations, garage conversions and other building work, providing other benefits. No matter when we undertake work, our domestic builders ensure your home is safe and as comfortable as possible. You can learn more about the work we complete on our Hove blog.

As a customer-focused company, LOFTWORKS KJ LTD works closely with you to deliver ideal solutions. This includes working around your requirements to undertake your project in Hove at the best time for you, and to complete it within the agreed timeframe.


Summer is an ideal time to plan all kinds of domestic projects in Hove, thanks to the more favourable weather. From garage conversions to property extensions, dry conditions are ideal for domestic builders because it is easier and safer to carry out work. There is also less risk of us having to delay work due to adverse weather.

The warmer months are particularly beneficial if your project involves structural changes or work which will expose your property. This may include loft conversions that require roof alterations and home renovations that involve work to the:

  • Roof

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • External Walls

While we can undertake these projects in the winter, your home may be colder, and we will need to take extra steps to protect your property from the elements, such as laying tarpaulins.

Some customers also choose the summer for their projects in order to have work completed by the time the school year starts. This prevents disruption when home life is busier, and children need to concentrate on schoolwork.

One disadvantage of planning your Hove project for summer is that this is the busiest time for building companies, so it may be harder to secure the dates you would like.

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One of the main benefits of planning building work for the winter is that construction companies are quieter at this time of year. This means you have more freedom over dates and are more likely to have property extensions and other work scheduled for a time that suits you.

However, winter weather can make projects more unpleasant. Although this is temporary, your home may be colder or draughtier, especially if you need a new roof installed. There is also more risk of delays due to extreme weather.

Consequently, winter is best for projects such as internal home renovations and Velux loft conversions. Our domestic builders also regularly undertake garage conversions in the winter because they require minimal disruption to the main building. However, LOFTWORKS KJ LTD can carry out all projects at any time of year, with protective measures in place to ensure the safety and condition of your home in Hove.

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