Property Extensions in Horsham | Planning an Extension, Conversion or Renovation

When planning building work, there are many factors to consider to ensure the result meets your requirements. Loftworks LKJ Ltd provides expert advice and planning services to achieve your dream home in Worthing, Horsham or the surrounding areas. This involves working with you at every stage of design and construction to tailor loft conversions, property extensions, home renovations and garage conversions around your wants and needs. Read on to discover some of the key points our builders and roofers consider when planning effective domestic projects.

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What Kind of Space Do You Need?

The first step to planning building work in Horsham is determining exactly what space you need. This helps you choose the most suitable project for your household and property. For example, if you need a larger kitchen property extension are ideal, while loft conversions are popular for extra bedrooms.

In addition, if the amount of space you have isn’t the issue, but the way it’s used is, a home renovation can alter the interior layout to provide the space you need, whether that’s an open plan kitchen and dining area or fewer, larger rooms.

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Interior Layout

When planning an extension or conversion, it is important to consider how the addition will work with your existing space. If you don’t think about this, your home may end up disjointed and less functional.

Some key points to think about are:


As part of your home, extensions and conversions should have easy and seamless access that makes them feel like a natural part of your property. To achieve this, consider the most efficient placement for doors, archways and/or staircases.

Exterior Appearance

Property extensions and many loft conversions will alter the external appearance of your home in Horsham. Consequently, it is vital to consider the exterior design. This may even be a condition of planning permission and is a requirement of permitted development.

You should discuss materials with builders and roofers and make sure additions blend seamlessly on the outside of your property as well as inside. Loftworks LKJ Ltd sources matching and complementary materials for extensions and home renovations as well as loft and garage conversions.

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