Garage Conversions in Chichester | Choosing Between a Loft or Garage Conversion and an Extension

When planning to extend your living space, it can be difficult choosing between an extension or conversion. The best option for you depends on factors such as existing space and what you want to achieve with building work. With 48 years of combined experience, we help customers in Chichester, Worthing and the surrounding areas find the ideal solution for their homes. We are adept at loft conversions, garage conversions and property extensions and advise on the most suitable and beneficial option for your needs and property. Our builders and roofers can even include conversions or extensions in wider home renovations.

When visiting your home for a consultation, Loftworks LKJ Ltd assesses your property and needs to provide professional advice and recommendations. To help get you started with choosing a project for your home, we have created this handy guide.

Loft Conversions

Many homeowners in Chichester choose to convert their loft space rather than extend outwards. The benefits of a loft conversion are:

However, there are other aspects to consider. For example, loft conversions require a staircase, which takes up space on the floor below. In addition, some attics in Chichester are unsuitable for converting due to their size or shape.

It is also important to think about how much extra space you need. If you only require one additional room, such as a bedroom or office, a loft conversion is ideal. However, if you’re looking to create a larger living area or a more versatile layout, extensions or even home renovations may be more beneficial.

Garage Conversions

Obviously not every home has a garage, but if you do have a garage that you underuse, you should consider a garage conversion. Before deciding on this project, it is essential to consider if you can afford to lose the existing space. For example, if you regularly park your car in the garage or use it for practical storage, an extension or loft conversion may be more suitable.

It is also important to note that your garage may need structural work to make it suitable for using as a living space. Our builders and roofers advise on the requirements of each job.

Like loft conversions, garage conversions are generally cheaper and quicker than a full extension. Plus, because of the location of garages, the new space will better connect to the rest of your home in Chichester, making them ideal for extending living areas, kitchens and dining spaces.

Property Extensions

If you don’t mind losing some garden space, and you are okay with a bit more disruption, an extension can provide all the space you need. One of the main benefits of extensions is that they are not limited by existing space like loft and garage conversions are.

Property extensions are ideal for creating larger kitchens and open plan spaces, especially when combined with a home renovation. Plus, we also carry out double storey extensions to maximise space on multiple floors. As such, if you need a lot of extra space in your Chichester home, an extension is the best option.

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